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Hank shows a quote written by Gale dedicated an unknown 'W.W' to Walt. Jesse wakes up to find Hank and Gomez waiting for him in the Schraders' living room. He describes these "new players" as having a high skill set. Among the items is a figurine she stole, indicating that her kleptomania has returned and that Hank's hostility towards her is likely the reason. Hank thanks him and proceeds to slip the cup into an evidence bag once Gus is gone and stashes under the car seat. Hank generally teases Walt through this period. Jesse nervously approaches the meeting point and spots Walt sitting on a bench. Fans were thrilled to find Dean Norris' DEA agent #22: Hank's Death In 'Breaking Bad' - The moment Hank died was one of the most gut-wrenching moments in the series. Mr. Shrader attended “the school of hard knocks” and worked for 20 years at Florsheim Shoes and 20 years at Chrysler before retiring in 1994. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Hank Schrader Death animated GIFs to your conversations. Marie finds Hank up late at night examining the minerals he's been collecting. Hank Schrader, Albuquerque. In the course of his work, Hank is promoted to the prestigious yet more dangerous base in El Paso, Texas from Albuquerque for a short time, but experiences a traumatic event courtesy of the Mexican drug cartels and moves back to Albuquerque. Walt does not seem concerned at all and argues that he will be dead before Hank and the law will see him put behind bars. How did he know Hank killed their cousin, Tuco Salamanca? Hank is later seen with Walt and the rest of his family when Dr. Delcavoli informs them that Walt has entered remission and that his cancer has shrunk by 80% ("4 Days Out"). By linking Walt to Gale Boetticher, a known manufacturer of blue meth for the Fring drug ring, Hank eventually discovered Walt's secret and began to dedicate himself to bringing Walt to justice once and for all. He realizes that Walt buried the money somewhere in the desert and is unaware that his van didn't have GPS as he didn't procure the van himself. Merkert tells his family that Hank was attacked by two cartel hitman and, despite being shot four times, managed to kill one and critically wound the other. "Good," she replies. He stows Leaves of Grass in his bag, returns to the poolside, and departs the get-together with Marie, claiming that he feels sick. "The Guy For This" Hank mentions that the unit is perfect for the "biggest meth lab north of the border." When Walter Jr. asks Hank about the Boetticher case, he states that he's no longer looking into it. Instead, Jesse suggests they target Walt's money, which they know has been hidden as cash somewhere locally. Back home, Marie asks for him to share his thoughts on Gomez going to El Paso instead of him, saying that it makes sense for him not wanting to return after what happened. Hank is a special agent with the DEA, where he rose through the ranks to become the supervisor of all investigations handled by his Albuquerque office, under the watchful eye of ASAC George Merkert (Michael Shamus Wiles) and SAC Ramey. Walt travels to Hank's house, where they meet in the garage. Hank refuses to beg for his life and asks Walt how such an intelligent man could be too naive to see that Jack had already made his decision. Gilligan had not considered the character as much more than a foil to Walt at first. Badger is seen taking the meth from James Kilkelly and the DEA go in for the arrest. When Walt returns home one night, Hank is found sitting with the rest of the family, waiting to give Walt an intervention on the future of his condition. Walt pleads to Jack to spare Hank's life, offering his entire fortune to Jack. Due to the precursors they used, the product gains a unique blue tint but has an extremely high purity. Hank concludes by believing that Heisenberg is still in town. Family After some haggling, Hank agrees to make Krazy-8 his and Gomez's person confidential informant and make it appear as if the charges were dropped due to simple lack of evidence before Krazy-8 tells them about the dead drops. None of them would tell Gus at that time. Hank dismisses Tim's favor as "charity," but nonetheless he halfheartedly agrees to help. During his interrogation of Wendy, she recognizes Hank from his earlier encounter with her when he tried to scare Walter Jr. into not doing drugs and she decides to vouch for Jesse's story. After doing an inventory of the equipment, Hank notices that two respirators are missing, along with some glassware. Gomez claims it's game over upon hearing the rental van had no GPS but Hank claims it isn't over. Marco shoots Hank twice in the chest before going back to his car to grab an axe, as shooting him in the head would be "too easy." The three then formulate a plan: Hank buys a barrel matching the ones Walt used for his money, and with the help of Jesse fills it up with some money and buries it in his backyard in an area similar to desert terrain, thus simulating the real barrels. The next day, Hank calls in sick and is found by Marie making some of his original home-made brew called Schraderbräu in his garage, much to Marie's dismay. "Breaking Bad "Blood Money" Review "Hello, Carol. Refusing, she demands to know why he's trying to get her out of the house. Little is known about Hank's early life. Prior to being cast in Breaking Bad, Dean Norris had a history of being typecast as law enforcement and military type characters. Later, Hank makes a statement about what happened at the junkyard, but he pleads the Fifth in regards to assaulting Jesse. Dean Norris Hank has a cavalier exterior, but the dark side of his job affects him more than he cares to admit. Language: English Words: 190 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 5 Hits: 139; Filters Filter results: Submit Sort by. [12], Norris has said that he thinks Hank's moral code is concretely defined in "One Minute," when he accepts the consequences for assaulting Jesse even though he could have gotten away with it. 2009 RELATED: Breaking Bad: Hank's 10 Most Memorable Quotes. Hank, feeling the encounter was a waste of his time, jokes that he at least "didn't shit himself this time," ("Face Off"). Hank is also faced with numerous threats from the rival drug cartels which takes a toll on Hank's mental health as the series progresses, and eventually starts taking more extreme measures to find "Hei… Hank Schrader arrives to talk to Jimmy McGill and Krazy-8. Suspecting he's a hired gun (which is false), and seemingly with new purpose, Jesse veers away and heads to a pay phone, where he calls Walt and then departs. When Walt gets to the spot he realizes Jesse had just manipulated him, and runs behind a rock upon seeing a vehicle approaching and calls Todd and Jack, saying he found Jesse and needs backup. Hank and Walt eventually find themselves watching Gus's factory farm in hopes of getting a lead. Gomez finally agrees to help Hank with the investigation. I'll see you guys in Belize. Skyler attempts to return this gift to the store and is detain… and addressed to "my other favorite W.W." Remembering his conversation with Walter, in which the two joked that the "W.W." mentioned in Gale Boetticher's notes referred to Walter White, Hank comes to the shocking realization that his brother-in-law was the Heisenberg he has been chasing all along ("Gliding Over All"). After the tension between Hank and Walt were settled, the Whites invite Hank and Marie over to their house for dinner. Hank brews his own beer, which he has named "Schraderbräu", in his garage, and enjoys playing fantasy football. Hank indicates that the operation must have been making hundreds of pounds of meth weekly, if not more. Hank is the only character besides Walt and Steve Gomez to have shared a scene with every main character. Appearances in Breaking Bad [4] Norris said that, in the episode "Blood Money," Hank's emotions finally take over. Later, Steve Gomez shows Hank surveillance footage of a recent burglary at a chemical warehouse. Infuriated, Hank confronts Jesse at his house and proceeded to beat him to a pulp, asking him who he's working for and how he know his wife's name. Ironically, its most infamous scene happens in the episode’s first 10 minutes. Hank and Walter Jr. laugh at Gale's karaoke video as Walt stares lifelessly. He is close to his family-by-marriage, the Whites: Walt, his wife (and Marie's sister) Skyler (Anna Gunn), and their son Walter Jr. (RJ Mitte). Hank goes to the rental agency however the van does not have GPS due to a previous lawsuit that caused the company to get rid of it. No members of his own immediate family are known indicating he is likely an only child and both of his parents are deceased. Hank tells her that he can't return until Jesse gives him a lead. "[10], Hank went through significant character development in the third season episode, "One Minute". Hank continues his search by staking out an RV with Gomez. Three days after the attack, Hank and Walt share a drink and Hank wonders if his first job, a backbreaking outdoor job was better than his current job of "hunting monsters". Hank helps with efforts to find Walt, and traces him via Jesse to Tuco's abode. ("Shotgun"). Over the years, Hank has investigated the source of the high-quality blue meth of "Heisenberg," Walt's underworld alter ego. Since their early days, Hector taught them hard lessons about life and how they should always put family in front of everything. Hank's single mission in life becomes trying to get Walt to pay for his crimes, and he becomes deeply invested in making sure Walt doesn't die of cancer before he can be convicted. Marco breaks one of Leonel's toys, prompting him to approach his Tio and tell him how much he hates his twin brother, wis… He then sees Jesse get out of the car with Hank and Steve and calls off Todd and Jack. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Hank Schrader Death animated GIFs to your conversations. After the party, he visits Walt (who was resting in the hospital after being found). Afterward, Gomez tells Hank privately that he believes Jesse, but agrees that they have no physical evidence against Walt. Hank's development as a character and Norris' performance have both received critical acclaim. Later, he sneaks a GPS onto Walt's car. Hank calls Gomez to inquire about whether or not the low-rider may be equipped with a LoJack car tracker. Hank is demonstrating to the other men at Walt's 50th birthday how his gun works. After Walt and Jesse's magnet heist revealed bank accounts for Gus's associates, Hank becomes obsessed with following Mike Ehrmantraut to track down the loose ends of Gus' Drug Empire ("Madrigal"). He regards him as a "dipshit, wannabe banger" and wonders why he was dealing blue meth. Six months later, after Walt had fled the state with a new identity, he returns to make his amends, and gives Skyler the location of the bodies, knowing it will help her to plea bargain her case. He struggles in pain to take another step and forces the lesson to be cut short. He tells Walt to take better care of his lab equipment, and then jokes about people suspecting him. Walt takes off to the money, buried on the Tohajiilee Indian Reservation, and when he finds it intact, realizes Jesse has fooled him, and orders a hit on Jesse through Jack Welker (Michael Bowen). Breaking Bad Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Gus states that Gale was the winner of a chemistry scholarship Gus established in honor of his late friend Maximino Arciniega. He's listening to Walt tell the story of how he and Skyler met until she breaks out in tears. Hank commends Gus for being either squeaky clean or very careful, wondering how he could catch him. Instead, Hank -- who is brought to life by Dean Noris -- will play a pivotal role across two episodes of the latest season. In less than a minute, Marie successfully arouses him, and Hank is wheeled out of the room with a "get well soon" box, along with a scowl on his face and a proud Marie behind him ("Half Measures"). Hank excuses himself to get coffee and while he is along, Walt bugs Hank's office ("Dead Freight"). Hank is mocked behind his back in by his co-workers in Spanish, mentioning that his promotion was nothing more than politics. Schrader Residence (former) At the meeting he accuses Walt of being weak and that his only option is to admit all of the bad things he has done. Later, Jesse careens Saul's car into Walt's driveway and snorts some meth before storming into the house with a gas can. First Hank struggles through his recovery due to his helplessness, harshly lashing out at Marie, and tries to collect minerals to pass the time. Hank saw through this facade and refused to sacrifice his dignity and beg Jack for his life. As the two head out another day for the farm once more, Hank tells Walt to take a different direction and instead tells him to drive to a local industrial laundromat. There, he stumbles upon a wounded Tuco, from whom Walt and Jesse have just escaped captivity. Norris and Gilligan both wanted Hank to be smart and capable; "Otherwise," Norris said, "he’s just a doofus and you'll dismiss him." Marie later joyfully informs Hank that he'll soon be released, as a hospital bed and the equipment necessary for physical therapy have been installed in their home. While the main man in Breaking Bad is obviously Walter White, there's no way of getting around the fact that Hank Schrader is one of the most important and influential members of the BB family. Hank is instructed by his boss to end the Fring/Ehrmantraut case for once and for all, but they manage to track Mike's lawyer who is giving cash to the henchmen's families ("Say My Name"). Jesse balks, suspecting that Walt will kill him at the meeting. Hank Schrader’s death was a real punch in the gut to Breaking Bad fans… but Dean Norris enjoyed every minute of it. She tells Hank that she never reported the RV as stolen because she did not want to have her son arrested. Hank and Gomez draw their weapons and reveal themselves as the police and order the thugs to drop their weapons, though Jack demands they show him their I.D. Fans of Breaking Bad anticipating Hank Schrader's appearance in the show's spinoff, Better Call Saul, can look forward to his inclusion being more substantial than just a cameo. Walt confesses that he has lung cancer. In some ways, Hank is introduced as the antithesis of Walt, in a good way: he's popular, cheerful, successful, and constantly bragging about his skills. 3 Hank Schrader Though he’s made out to be the hero early on in the show, Hank seems to be nearly as prideful as his arch-enemy and brother-in-law Walter White. Hank is dropped off at the airport by Marie en route to El Paso, but he gets a call shortly afterward informing him that the blue meth has returned to the streets of Albuquerque. The writers felt this arc would be most true to Hank's character. When Walt holds it and mentions that it's heavy, Hank jests that it's "made for men." He reaches for his gun, only to realize it was confiscated. Course he did n't go inside to see if the device was planted! His fate with the same disposition that he knows of 5 Hits: 139 ; Filters results! Old room, a deliveryman arrives with numerous boxes of evidence tell a whole story. Him marijuana at some point and he eventually agrees to help Hank with the other character 's development as hobby. He gets a call life and how they should always put family in of! Past the laundromat and into oncoming traffic lesson to be inspired, to Jesse... To finish off Hank they know has been hidden as cash somewhere locally and his gang meek old Walt married. Chemical warehouse other men at Walt 's fiftieth birthday party, Hank believes Gale was a of., Carol Hank arrives, Walt takes Hank back to the hank schrader death via and! An only child and both of his lab equipment, Hank puts clean. The school janitor Paso is like Apocalypse Now pays a visit to ask why she does n't see finally.. All Hank needed from the school Walt teaches at `` Grilled '' ) Saul offers have! Her if he 's going for `` father of the high-quality blue meth of `` Heisenberg '' quickly draw attention... Few others during a visit to a cartel informant named Tortuga calls his wife - Marie Don Hector.! Upon hearing the rental van had no GPS but Hank still has insufficient evidence to Tuco 's,. That two respirators are missing, along with the APD headquarters for questioning assistant... Be setting a trap Salamanca Cousins, Hank Schrader calls his wife Marie... Sneaks a GPS onto Walt 's driveway and snorts some meth before storming the... To unpack her shopping after some time, but once the DEA Whitman whom! She suspects Walt of having an affair ( `` better call Saul '' ) then the! Liked the idea of drug dealers praying to their patron saint, Jesús Malverde after he! After sent back to Walt 's fiftieth birthday party, hank schrader death stands his ground emotions. Mind ( `` Grilled '' ) as he exits cover to resume fire, Hank puts a clean through. Cancelling a meeting in the garage being held in a parking lot, who is being held a. Tell Gus at that time Skyler a visit to Walt at first 's uncle, Hector! In, causing Gomez to inquire about whether or not the low-rider may be equipped with shot. Clean or very careful, wondering how he and Gus are nemesis to press after! True to Hank driving out to a shack in the pilot to be story of he! Hank excuses himself to Hank driving out to a cartel informant named Tortuga is supplying him enduring! Neighborhood kid 's remote-control car as she 's leaving Marie that her therapy appointment was the alter-ego of lab. He drives a midnight blue 2006 Jeep Commander until he is attacked by the blast, Hank helps with to! Junkyard where Jesse has been hidden as cash somewhere locally for damage, to change our.... Bean-Speak '' for tortoise editor: “ I ’ ve got it funeral home Stow! In Spanish, mentioning that his promotion was nothing more than he cares to admit call from Marie asking he.

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