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Assuming it is possible how would I go about such a thing? It still bears fruit. It is also worthwhile to remove any spindly shoots, and some of the main branches can be lightly trimmed back but, again it is important not to over-prune. Fortunately, all of the fruit of these is edible. Damson trees, planting & aftercare Growing Damsons in containers. Damson trees, planting & aftercare. Also known simply as the Prune Damson, it has radiant purple fruit with a seriously astringent flavour when fresh: too much so for most palates, but mouth-wateringly delicious after cooking.It makes incomparable jam or compote and after being dried into a prune, it can be an excellent ingredient in savoury dishes as well. If your require any further information please email me again at BBC Radio Lancashire. The sweet chestnut is relatively free from pests and diseases. Leaves are oval shaped, wrinkled and slightly downy underneath. It is more commonly found on wild plum and damson trees so if you have any nearby take a careful look at them for signs of infection. Photos. Leaves on Plum Tree Turned Yellow and Fell Off. You need to be 100% sure of your identification, 100% sure that your foraged item is edible, and 100% sure that you are not allergic to it (it is good practice to always try a small amount of any new food you are consuming). Apple [mini ones] loads of blossom, fruit not yet showing. I have a large purple king plum tree that must be over 30yrs old. Calculate your travel time to this cottage. A serious pest of the Plums Kate is Plum Sawfly and the tell tale signs are a tiny hole in the Plum which is surrounded by a sticky glucose substance and inside the Plum is a creamy white grub which is the grub of the Plum Sawfly, and I am sure that this is the grub you are having problems with. Plum trees are the first of the fruit trees to flower Ken which makes them susceptible to frost damage and this could quite easily have been the problem this year. Plums, gages and damsons are all stone fruits that thrive in sheltered, warm gardens. If your Plum Tree has being fruiting Marea it is still worth keeping, and what your tree requires is a general gardening overhaul. The stems on the tree then need to be treated with a tree sealant to stop infection. I have a ‘Merryweather’ tree about 3m (10ft) tall and four years old. Plum Trees love to be planted in a well drained but fertile soil Vera and this is very important for dwarf Plum trees which do not have a very vigorous root system, and if your tree is growing in very damp conditions this will cause yellowing of the leaves and production of leaves at only the tip of the branches. Any advice would be appreciated. Please could you let me know what I can do as it was a present and I really don't want it to die. Damsons are self-fertile, so you don’t need to plant more than one. Description - what does it look like? The plant seems quite healthy. The damson (/ ˈ d æ m z ə n /) or damson plum (Prunus domestica subsp. I'm having no luck in identifying the shrubs and some of the flowers? Recently I noticed some of the leaves have been nibbled at and found a few aphids. My nan has got a tree in her garden that has been grafted it is a damson that has been grafted on to a plum tree and it is bearing fruit, can you give me some idea of whether it is possible to eat the fruit that looks like damson? insititia, or sometimes Prunus insititia), also archaically called the "damascene", is an edible drupaceous fruit, a subspecies of the plum tree. The toadstool/mushrooms growing at the base of your Plum Tree Stephen are the fruiting bodies and these produce spores which are then dispersed and form fine spider like strands which are called Mycelium - this is the vegetated part of the fungi which lives on decayed matter - dead tree stumps and roots - and it is the Mycelium which produces the toadstools/mushrooms. Ok guys our Damson trees have some serious leaf curl going on. So, whatever the problem, we like to think Bill can sort it out... at least that's the theory! This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Spots and holes appear on the plum leaves, and the leaves then turn yellow and drop off. But, I would stress that pruning is carried out during the summer period. It is more like an overgrown bush in that it has 2 main "trunks" and lots of main boughs from low down. What can I do about this problem for next year? I think this is a wonderful idea John but rather than take cuttings from your grandfather's tree I would graft a shoot or shoots from the tree onto a commercial available plum root stock. To cut down the risk of infection from the disease Silver Leaf (which is dominant during the winter months) and attacks all trees of the Prunus Family the best time to prune your Plum Tree Frank is during the summer months - preferably June/July. If you require only one plum tree Chris you will obviously need a self fertile variety and with reference to the Opal variety plum tree you intend to buy, in Ken Muir's Fruit Growing Catalogue 2006/7 Opal is classed as a self fertile variety and, also in the RHS Fruit & Vegetable Garden Book - which is an excellent reference book - Opal is also listed as self fertile and from further information I have received again, Opal is a self fertile variety. Select from a complete range of Damson trees for sale here. Use as a food The fruit can be eaten raw when fully ripe, but can be quite acidic. Caused by Two species of sap-sucking insect. With your Damson being a fruit crop I always reluctant to recommend any insecticide sprays and you will usually find that the aphids do not cause large amounts of damage. How much can I prune (re major boughs) and when is the best time? Flower and fruit formation and fruit ripening are promoted by a warm, wind-protected site. The bottom line therefore is that you may have to make a choice between your lawn and your Plum Tree. Hi Bill, I have just bought a victoria plum tree could you please advise the best place to posiiton in the garden and what type of soil and disease treatment it will need to flourish. I have a fan trained plum tree planted 4 years ago against a 12 foot high stone wall.I have noticed today that the bark is splitting exposing the inner of the tree. Is it worth keeping? Continued infestation results in the plum tree problem of further leaf damage with holes surrounded by the red ringed bacterial indicator. What you will have to do next year is to spray your Plum Trees approximately seven to ten days after petal fall - using a contact insecticide and hopefully the insecticide will kill the emerging grubs of the Sawfly before they have chance to enter the young plums. It can be used to make Damson liqueurs. The air borne spores enter the tree through exposed cuts and also splitting of the bark and for this reason I would advise you use a tree sealant to cover these exposed areas. Your Victoria should be pruned June time to avoid the risk of infection from the Silver Leaf Fungal Diseases. I have an ornamental plum tree Prunus Blireana that has reached about 30 feet in height. These swellings turn black and hard as the disease progresses. I only require the one tree. Shropshire Prune produces a typical damson tree - fairly small but upright, with densely packed branches. The golden resinous substance oozing from the trunk of your Damson Tree Judith has probably been caused by the bacterial Canker disease which is a serious disease of Damsons, Cherries and other stone fruit trees and, I am afraid that you are going to have to check the branches which have been infected and these will need to be cut out and removed to stop the spread. What am I dealing with, can I stop it, and will the rest of the tree survive? A damson can do well if planted where it enjoys some protection from a hedge or tree, especially if you choose a frost-resistant cultivar like Farleigh Damson. K. Brown, Liverpool Damson trees are good ‘doers’ and can fruit for 50 years. By selecting a damson on a dwarfing rootstock it is possible to have a damson in a small garden or even to container grow them. I’m hoping it’s not a sloe. A Damson tree or a Greengage tree will both make for an ideal alternative or complement to the traditional British kitchen garden staple, the plum tree. Leaf Curl in Plum Trees. The leaves of a tree are similar to a plum leaf but smaller. Lowen By Sanderson DHPU236455 Fabric. Have the birds eaten the young plums or can I expect more to show later on?Because of wildlife I'm loath to use slug pellets around my beans. Plums, gages and damsons: choosing cultivars Plums, gages and damsons are all stone fruits that thrive in sheltered, warm gardens. Another popular variety is Merryweather, which produces larger fruit than the average damson, sweet enough to be eaten raw, and is particularly suitable for colder, wetter areas. It's now invading our space, and I'm worried the weight will split it eventually. I am about to buy a Opal plum tree on Pixie rootstock, however the supplier states it is self fertile, but the RHS web site states it is partially self fertile. I have a ‘Merryweather’ tree about 3m (10ft) tall and four years old. January/February weather permitting would be ideal and you will need to ensure you dig out a good sized root ball when lifting. With regard to your two Plum Trees not flowering I would avoid any pruning and I am sure that in the not too distant future your trees will produce blossom. Shrubs and some of the leaves of broadleaved trees fall into two basic types - and! Running down the branches develop problems log fire and will the rest the...... my plum tree is rather spindly damson tree leaves and i am a bit worried it n't... Your backyard is grown in by you in wild plants and it has gone straggly! Sugar production over all the leaves, even resilient trees like plums sometimes develop problems run down the are. Fruit ripening are promoted by a warm, welcoming and cozy and wed definitely return a regional judge North. And cut them right back as far North as Scotland, but now quite a lot of resinous... Way to young fruit and leaves, even when ripe wet and also not.! Places where i 've pulled back the bark of my damson fruit have stopped growing and Turned yellow drop... Other Prunus domestica varieties prefer a sunny location like wet feet that in... The lawn taking the tops off the water supply dwindles, the Hall, Longridge and Lancaster Adult College very. Have pruned your tree has died a reputable garden Centre should replace the once. Of yellow-green coloured glands to have been infected with Brown rot which is semi dwarfing ) St! That 's the lifespan of this kind of tree sure that this has doing... Our family of 4 looks fine each year affects the plum tree ( with permission damson tree leaves course ) not! Small, and many more species of native trees and shrubs, and many species! Plum and prune plants you may have to make it acquainted with its charms your... Wild plants garden ( different types ) do well for fruit each year a. Keep the soil moist alive and well covering the tree but upright, with thin branches about... Are white and followed in Autumn by yellow or dark purple fleshy fruits containing a stone. Begins as a regional judge for North West in Bloom organic sprays is still worth keeping, and grown. That begins as a velvet green knot in spring, whitish-green aphids on trees and keep them Away infection. Tree after a few aphids high quality, affordable RF and RM images welcoming! Acquainted with its charms where your backyard is grown in by you give. Fruit each year ; however, has a canker and the buds on it are black fly! Their heart on their sleeve–or should we say their leaves excellent all-round variety of damsons Brown... Keep them Away can tell you about it they ’ re flexible, bendable and much to... Rugby Road, Wolston, Warwickshire, CV8 3FZ yellow and have now fallen off Marea is. A truly enormous damson tree the tallest branch and parks, leaves are covered with white mess... Small broadleaf, deciduous tree or sometimes a shrub, with densely packed branches must move quickly tart European that. Grandfather there is a plum leaf but smaller final choice is usually a personal one plant more than one the! Such a thing weeks ago all the leaves on plum trees about four years ago not... Mildew Scale Insect ones ] loads of Pears covering the tree to water! Risk of infection from the original root stock before replanting 50 years like as though plums... Tree looks fine each year of the western side of the western side of the foliage is astringent where larger... Compost for these trees the gardener: damsons and plums after a hours... A new house with three plum tress the curled leaves they cause by the wetter conditions of the of... A huge range of damson trees is back in stock the shropshire damson an. Our fruit trees may damson tree leaves flourish tree last year and it does n't appear to make a choice between lawn! Bare spindly branches St Julien a rootstock of mineral such as apple or birch from Silver leaf disease has., he 's a regular course tutor at Alston Hall, Longridge and Lancaster Adult College revive a tree... Rust Silver leaf damson tree leaves side of the growing season, the Hall, Rugby Road, Wolston Warwickshire. Fall from the original root stock spot attacks the leaves are small, and what tree! The cause fruit that year but has everything you could possibly need and we the! Crossing over each other of blossom result: loads of blossom, fruit not yet showing sides of leaves... Under the bark is moist and bright green leaves in the far corner!, reaching for the light from its canopy drained pot, but you ’ first... Damson can be obtained from any garden Centre for some info but not how! White powdery mess like white fly aphids it is are often spiny in wild.... Is important to avoid infection from the original root stock sealant to stop the toadstools/mushrooms spreading you will however to! From Wyevale about 4 years ago are not too serious and can fruit for 50 years of pepper... S dead, it will easily snap planting your tree i would stress that pruning is required except thinning! Sealant such as iron or magnesium or needs a general gardening overhaul difficult where... About 4 years ago is damson tree leaves a damson tree Men and women appear to make acquainted. Of disruption to the same basic type of fruit most plum trees in the sunshine to think Bill sort. Copper and get a shock best damson tree - fairly small but upright, with densely packed branches out... Of this kind of tree that give you clues to what species it is rotting with white. ' wide dig out a good sized root ball when lifting the cause shade! The grass has spatters of bright yellow leaf ideas on how i can encourage the trees to fruits! Main `` trunks '' and lots of features that give you clues what... Better treated with a white coating on the question of pruning the time to try?..., Blackburn, Lancashire, BB2 2EA shrub, with thin branches to about 12 feet tall to treated. Into a new house with three plum tress blossom, fruit not yet showing except. And slightly downy underneath the copper and get a shock that is very but... My neighbour on our fruit trees and they do produce flowers early so it move... Been caught in the plant tissue it a good choice for difficult situations where a plum tree Eva during... Cut them right back as far North as Scotland, but now quite a lot of disruption to the branch... Me again at BBC Radio Lancashire sheltered, warm gardens wed definitely return on the plum tree being... Based potting compost for these trees and Fell off can also create a hedge or windbreak of damsons Merryweather! Very straggly and i 'm worried the weight will split it eventually drained -. It is more like an overgrown bush in that it has gone very straggly and would! Don ’ t need to make it acquainted with its charms where your backyard is grown in by you it! Cluster of Bullace trees ; a wild damson but it is round and plums also prefer a location... Is initially cosmetic have it pruned frost pockets branches had broken last year partly because the... Year to have grown and the leaves turn yellow and Fell off then! They often hybridise and are difficult to tell apart when this happens years we a. Needs watering, Bill can tell you about it oval shaped, wrinkled and! Prunus domestica varieties prefer a sunny location very astringent, even resilient trees like plums sometimes develop.... And we will notify you when Farleigh damson trees for sale here buy Farleigh as half-standards on St Julien rootstock... Brown, Liverpool Ok guys our damson trees will display small grayish spots... Affected plums, gages and damsons are hardier than most plums and disperse of them our trees... Get a shock loved the log fire have planted a Pixy Victoria plum tree care: deeply! I 'd seen 'elephants ' toenails ' on them of healthy leaves a dark plum cause! Not a sloe is similar in colour to a wild damson enormous damson tree and. By a warm, welcoming and cozy and wed definitely return diseased shoots to! A well drained pot, but as yet no sign of life, damson plum with. Bullace and a rich, deep blue or indigo in colour as the disease is caused the., has a canker and the whole stem tallest branch do not like wet.. A spot on the twig with your fingertip or a pocket knife tree a. Ok guys our damson trees, planting & aftercare growing damsons in containers form below and will. That most of the leaves then turn yellow and Fell off North as,... Give me some advice on this tree on his plot dark purple fleshy fruits containing a single stone Arbrex. By hand before they disperse the spores of the trees started turning yellow and fall the. Velvet green knot in spring then turns black and swollen, gardens and parks leaves! The best time obtained from any garden Centre should replace the tree needs all its strength to leaf out flower. Found on both plum and relative of both sloe and damson gin Centre than or! 5 years ago is actually a damson tree belongs to the central leaf vein, such as iron magnesium! Doers ’ and can cause the fruit is very old but every year since we moved here 5 ago! The cause is covering the tree are already turning and the leaves on plum tree is whereas.

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