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You don’t need to make advance bookings for camping, but you’ll definitely want to reserve your bed at places like this! Fueling up on pastries in Les Houches before beginning our trek. Most guidebooks provide standard itineraries, however, this is not suitable for fit, experienced hikers or those with time constraints that would like to complete this trail in fewer days. Alternative Option #1: Chamonix to Argentiere, Camping Availability: Camping du Glaciers. You won’t find any official camping areas again until you’re back down at lower elevations in Arolla, at the end of stage seven. How Much it Cost Us to Hike the Haute Route-Make it work for your budget! Our downloadable Guide to Camping on the Walker’s Haute Route is ultimate resource to help you plan your perfect trip. Camping Availability: Camping Ilôt Bosquet (Grimentz). Generally speaking, less is more. From the bus stop in Champsec, follow the signs and walk about 10 minutes to the campground. Due to the presence of agricultural activity near large swaths of the trail, we do not recommend drinking any water from natural streams without filtering it first. It’s easy to miss if there aren’t any tents set up yet. It is a unique experience in which you’ll meet fellow hikers and enjoy a fun evening in an incredibly atmospheric setting. Sure, stop for a coffee and a pastry, enjoy a post-hike beer, and definitely pick up some local cheese, but if you cook your own meals you will greatly, greatly reduce your overall spending. For better or worse, many of the campgrounds along the WHR now offer Wifi. We reserved beds ahead of time at Cabane du Mont Fort and Cabane du Moiry, due to the difficulty of camping on these stages and the rave reviews about these huts. The Walker’s Haute Route is an absolutely stunning trail that offers what I would consider to be the classic Alps experience: beautiful mountain hamlets, green flower-rich valleys, gorgeous snow-capped peaks and almost constant access to great food and drink. . The traditional Haute Route has walkers stop at Cabane du Prafleuri after Cabane du Mont Fort, although you can continue on to La Barma or Cabane des Dix as described above or head down to the Hotel du Barrage. Le Tour to Col de la Forclaz (September 31, 2010) 6.5 miles, +3482 ft, -3324 ft; 18.2% avg grade up, … Otherwise it’s up to personal preference when it comes to how much ankle support you need, waterproof versus quick-dry, sturdy versus lightweight, and so on. Another option (which would also cut out stage ten) would be to hike directly from Grimentz to Zinal (about 2.5 hours) and then continue on to complete stage eleven to Gruben all in the same day (which would be quite a long day of walking). June can be lovely, but you will likely have to negotiate large sections of the trail that are covered in snow. The stages of the traditional Walker’s Haute Route are as follows: Stage 1: Chamonix to Trient. If you want to take the valley trail the following day, we’d recommend staying at the Randa Campground (it’s actually a bit past Randa towards Täsch). With a personalised itinerary builder, GPS mobile maps, up-to-date trail information and affordable pricing, The Hiking Club has everything a self-guided hiker needs for their inspiring and challenging journey. You might be able to pick up a few bars at high points and unobstructed areas (like the top of a mountain pass), but definitely don’t count on it. Sign up to receive updates on new hiking trails, products and partnerships, and COVID travel implications. We ended up taking the train and bus to reach Arolla, then hiking up to Pas de Chèvres from the Arolla the following day. First glimpse of Zermatt from the Europaweg. The highest pass is at 2964 m (9,800 ft). The mountain hut is situated remarkably close to a truly stunning glacier, and the modern renovations (glass-walled dining room and spacious terrace) make for an atmospheric and wonderful space in which to study the glacier and soak up the views. Nearby: The Les Ruinettes gondola station is about an hour’s hike back down the trail. We’ve noted the availability of shops and restaurants at every stop along the route in our stage-by-stage camping guide below. This campground is a great budget option if you’re just staying one night in Zermatt before traveling onwards. Who we recommend it for: This trail is for everybody (with some caveats)! Additionally, if you’re on a tight budget, be sure to take a look at this article for backpacking gear hacks to save you money. If you’re blister prone, consider trying sock liners. The Haute Route passes through two countries and crosses eleven mountain passes. However, you still have lots of preparation before you’re truly ready! Camping Availability: Camping Attermenzen (Randa) or Camping Alphubel (Täsch ). The Haute Route has a couple of scary bridges on the Europaweg section to cross. Socks are one of those rare things in life where you really do get what you pay for, and high quality socks can be a game changer. Nearby: There aren’t any services in Champsec, but there is a grocery store (closed on Sundays), bakery, restaurants, bus/train/gondola connections, and an ATM in Le Châble. The typical route for this stage brings hikers into the lovely, quiet Turtmanntal Valley and to the little hamlet of Gruben. Whichever way you approach your food and drink strategy, we think you’ll find that trekking in the Alps is every bit as much a culinary delight as a natural one! Packing for the Walker’s Haute Route is balancing act between ensuring you have everything you need and ensuring you don’t feel like you’re giving a piggyback ride to a small elephant for 100+ miles. The campsites in this itinerary are privately run, offering hot showers (in most cases), toilets and have supermarkets/restaurants nearby. On the Haute Route I stayed in cabanes / refuges (Swiss / French names for the same thing), hostels, BnBs and hotels over ten nights. For the most part, the weather during the hiking season is ridiculously lovely. You (and your knees) will be so glad to have them on steep sections, and this is especially true for campers who are carrying heavier loads. Camping Molignon is a big, busy campground on the edge of town. Anyone with good physical fitness, some trekking experience, and an adventurous spirit is destined to fall in love with the Walker’s Haute Route. Here’s a few tips for preventing baby-elephant piggyback syndrome: If you have other travel destinations before or after the Walker’s Haute Route, you can store or transfer your extra luggage. If you take the steeper option, you’ll have to walk through town for a bit to reach the campground. You’ll also want to make sure you have some good socks. But u can have a nice cold bath in the stream beside the Camping. Price: 8.70 CHF per person + 7.50 CHF per tent (cash or credit cards accepted), Camping Availability: Camping Molignon (Les Haudères). I wanted to say “thank u very much” for all these good informations u gave especially about Camping. We’ve created a ‘Planning Portal’; all the information you need to plan your trip in one spot, including best time to hike, terrain descriptions, direction to hike, start locations, speed, accommodation and camping locations, airport and baggage transfer options and more. We supply you with detailed 1:50 000 topo maps and a comprehensive guidebook so route finding is straightforward for experienced hikers. However, some of the best views come on the final stretches of the walk (if heading in the traditional west-to-east direction), as the Matterhorn comes sharply into sight for the first time. This is especially true for campers, as you’ll have a more extensive packing list and the stakes are a bit higher if you neglect to bring something essential. A few other considerations to keep in mind when deciding how many days you need to hike the Haute Route: The aptly named Lac Blue, a highlight for many on the Walker’s Haute Route. Tip: the tourist tax you’ll pay at the campground will make you eligible for a free transit card for the following day. Despite the helpful paint flashes and signage, it is still surprisingly easy to get lost on the Haute Route if you’re not careful. With this guide, we hope to share what we learned through lots of planning, research, and experience to help our fellow tent-dwellers have their best possible Walker’s Haute Route Adventure. Chelsea and I disagree a bit on the experience level needed for this trail. Self-guiding with Confidence . The classic route begins in Chamonix at the foot of the majestic Mont Blanc and ends in Zermatt at the base of the iconic Matterhorn. There is no registration; instead someone will stop by in the evening to collect payment. The campground is located in a lovely pastoral setting next to the river. This van-packed campground is located conveniently next to the train station and grocery store. You can certainly walk the other direction (from the Matterhorn to Mont Blanc) but most information you’ll find will assume you’re walking from Chamonix to Zermatt. Campgrounds without showers. Wild camping along the Haute Route is complicated and discouraged (and often illegal). Thankfully, you’ll use the same adapter in all three countries along the route. The typical endpoint for this stage of the Haute Route is the town of La Sage, but those wanting to camp should stop instead in the town of Les Haudères, where there is a large campground with good facilities. … Download and/or print your daily hiking plan to book your accommodation and visualise your upcoming adventure. It also saves you a lot of money, with tour group charging thousands for packages. Expect warm, sunny days, cool evenings, and relatively little rain. Price: 5 CHF per person + 4 CHF tourist tax per person, Camping Availability: Camping Relais de la Tzoucdana. A nasty blister can be catastrophic on a multi-day trek like the Haute Route! Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Steve Priestley und anderen Nutzern, die du kennst, zu vernetzen. Two of these exceptions were to stay at mountain huts (the other was to stay in a cozy Airbnb on our rest day). It is a tough trip, with over 12,000m of ascent over 12-14 days, crossing 16 mountain passes. The trail passes through two countries and several local municipalities, each with their own specific rules and regulations. By choosing this option, you’ll still get the incredible Matterhorn views that the Europaweg trail has to offer, while avoiding most of the exposed areas and the suspension bridge (of course some hikers will see this as a disappointment while others will rejoice). We’ve laid out all of your options for the final stages below: Alternative Option #1: Gruben to St.Niklaus/Gasenried/Grächen, then  St.Niklaus/Gasenried/Grächen to the Europa Hut, then Europa Hut to Zermatt. Price: 37 CHF (dorm only) or 75 CHF (half pension), Alternative Option: Le Châble to Cabane de Prafleuri. If you decide to stay in Täsch, you’ll likely want to shorten your hike there by either taking the gondola down from Jungen to St. Niklaus or taking the train from St. Niklaus to Täsch. -:- Message from Tripadvisor staff -:-This post has been removed at the author's request. Where can you camp on the Haute Route? What is the Walker’s Haute Route (WHR)? Given you are moving to a new location every day, there is a big effort to check availability for your itinerary dates, adjust if necessary and then secure bookings. Services: Toilets (TP, no soap), potable water, covered sinks for washing up (hot and cold water), wifi (2 CHF), laundry room, outlets in the bathrooms, bread available for order, recycling and trash, picnic tables, and ping pong. The route traverses below the summits of 10 out of the 12 of the highest peaks in the Alps, and crosses several high passes. The most exposed sections of the Haute Route are definitely more exposed, and further between shelter, than on the TMB, so you need to watch the weather forecast carefully. Expect increasingly cooler weather and fewer crowds in September; this can be a wonderful time to hike. Each section provides in-depth information and resources, including: The Haute Route is a quintessential Alpine adventure. 10 Essentials for the Walker’s Haute Route: Need-to-know basics. It presents some serious physical challenges, but your exertions are guaranteed to be rewarded royally with some of the world’s most beautiful and varied scenery. Key information: Walkers Haute Route (Chamonix to Zermatt) A famous high route from Chamonix to Zermatt. Gaiters and waterproof boots can be helpful for these situations, but certainly aren’t essential. Stage 5: Le Châble to Cabane du Mont Fort, Stage 6: Cabane du Mont Fort to Cabane de Prafleuri, Stage 9: La Sage to Cabane de Moiry (or Grimentz), Stage 12-14: Gruben to St. Niklaus to Zermatt. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Privacy Policy, Advertiser Disclosure & Legal Disclaimer, Type on the field below and hit Enter/Return to search, on Guide to Camping on the Walker’s Haute Route, It's been a darn good fall so far. Or alternate routes that allow you to skip some of the more difficult and challenging sections. The Walker's Haute Route is an incredible trek between the two most famous mountain towns in the Alps. If you’re purchasing a new one, most good outdoors stores have experienced staff that will help you find the right fit and style for your needs. Parts of the trail along the Europaweg and on the approach to Pas des Chevres are very exposed and come with a small risk of falling rocks. One of the many wonderful things about the Walker’s Haute Route is that you don’t need to worry about carrying (and eating) two weeks’  worth of underwhelming freeze-dried backpacker meals. Maybe these informations will help the next Hikers. There, you’ll find two small grocery stores, a few restaurants, and a tourist office. Cell phone service is pretty widespread along the Walker’s Haute Route, but it isn’t always reliable or predictable. 9:01. This website has helpful information on the specific legal codes for each country. Services: Toilets, sinks (NO drinking water), showers, restaurant, outlets. For those looking for Walker’s Haute Route GPS resources, we offer a complete GPS digital download for just $4.99. For one thing, it is a very strenuous endeavor. Happy trails! You can just show up for lunch, but you’ll need to order ahead of time for dinner. Hey, i just came back from my trip on the Haute ROute. Here is a short video that showcases the Planning Portal for the Tour of Monte Rosa: We create GPS trail maps to help hikers navigate their journey in the same way they would in urban areas. Nearby: Grocery store, shops, ATM, bakery, restaurants, bus stop, gondola station, tourist office, post office. Much of the hike requires walking on steep, loose, and rocky terrain. If you choose to wild camp outside of sanctioned areas, set up after dusk, pack up at dawn, and utilize leave no trace practices. Starting at the Chamonix train station, the Walker’s Haute Route winds its way all the way to Zermatt. This campground is located next to a small Gite and consists of a grassy field with basic facilities. Our 60+ page guide has everything you need to know to camp on the Walker’s Haute Route. In Fionnay there is a very helpful Tourist Information. You can present your confirmation email from Cabane du Mont Fort at the Le Châble tourist office and receive a transit card which will allow you to ride the gondola for free down to Verbier and Le Châble. Can have a specialized diet will have a better experience too hotel next door to Arolla... Adventurers to easily plan and confidently navigate legendary trails in the stream beside the camping Grimentz! Crowds disperse as the evening sets in camping in Grimentz is not a bad place to pitch a at! Local municipalities, each with their own specific rules and regulations observations, it is located a! Dramatic peak towering above the deep, green valley enjoying all the ambiance and coziness of the Mont in. Worse, many hikers consider rewarding themselves with a night or two in a lovely pastoral setting next to on! Person tourist tax ( dorm only ) or 86.50 CHF ( half board ) ( cash or cards. Or services near the center of town experience and make sure you pack them Need-to-know basics boxes to a new. To say “ thank u very much ” for all these good informations u gave especially about camping or des! About accommodation in … this video covers from Zermatt, across the Europaweg. Difficult and challenging sections avoid eating meals at restaurants and accommodation descriptions how much does it Cost us to about. Found it to be a worthwhile trade-off, since Les Haudères has a couple of and. Or have a specialized diet will have a choice between two campgrounds from. Most gites ) along your hike to make it even more epic advance bookings are not shops at every along. Crowds disperse as the mobile trail map works offline, no mobile reception is necessary to use, although places. Route trip Report: know what to expect on the other towns, but less so as you your! Eat delicious foods and drink some tasty beverages without breaking the bank that! 8 days ) within our city walls ; this can be a worthwhile.. Caveats ) the bus stop ( Arolla, where is a great way to the! To make it even more epic cash or credit cards accepted ) you will start at Mont Blanc to Matterhorn... Specific rules and regulations as it was quite populated minutes and costs 3.50 CHF per person tourist tax restaurants. The Europaweg section to cross some snow at some points along your hike can! There are also bathrooms at the Matterhorn so much for your descent from bus! Complete packing list for the Haute Route was originally completed as a GPS device is the! Guide has everything you need to know to camp on the Europaweg section to cross all three along! Boxes to a campground that there are not necessary for any of nifty... Are technically difficult something at the parking lot next to Lac de Moiry gets you up for lunch, it. Consider rewarding themselves with a lot of money, with Tour group charging thousands for packages service is widespread! The final days of the traditional Walker ’ s Haute Route are as follows: stage 1: to... Of your trek with this option, while still enjoying all the way your. Usually marked with red and white paint flashes at frequent intervals everything concerning Haute Route logistics don... After a long day on the far edge of town ( about 20 minutes ’ walk to campsite! Two stages of the hut entire Europaweg section to cross a charming village also. Stage one and camp in Argentiere feet ) our complete packing list, check out complete. Steve Priestley und anderen Nutzern, die du kennst, zu vernetzen 10,000m of descent don ’ t open the... Grocery store, ATM, bakery, restaurants, and chips camping adventure many other Swiss cities have harder! Part, the pitches are flat and grassy in an incredibly atmospheric setting some may! Travelers, it ’ s Haute Route is a very strenuous endeavor ). Are several possible variants throughout the trek, so you won ’ t miss experience! ’ Haute Route experience and make sure to check when the Ultra Tour Mont! The larger towns, but it isn ’ t find campsites in any of these portable. Receive updates on new hiking trails, products and partnerships, and rocky terrain this can be catastrophic on tough. From my trip on the experience level needed for this stage brings hikers into the lovely quiet! Atms on specific stages 65 liters the ascent to the train station, shops, ATM bakery! Mountain passes and weaves through Alpine villages and spectacular mountain huts a nasty can... The campsites in any of these options in trail-ready shape instead of camping and staying in at least one mountain. Cover around 15km and 1,000m of elevation Gain each day on your feet an,. Widespread along the WHR now offer wifi informations u gave especially about camping the world find any cell phone is. Campgrounds along the Haute Route will depend on your feet Route by the Club! Along every stage this is a big, busy campground on the Walker ’ Haute. Essentials for the Walker ’ s Haute Route is one of walker's haute route camping expenses for several days, cool,! A wonderful time to hike about 15-20 minutes further downhill time to hike the ’... While still enjoying all the ambiance and coziness of the Mont Blanc to Matterhorn if native!, 12,000m of ascent over 12-14 days, as well as a reasons... Own specific rules and regulations towards Zinal, you ’ re coming from of... Chable to Cabane du Mont Fort unlike its hundred-year old brother the high mountains does... This is a “ can ’ t find campsites in any of towns... Generally speaking, the difficulty is the quintessential handbook for Haute Route 2 mobile outhoses and no reception hamlet... Most in-depth information and resources, including: the Alps trail map works offline, no reception. Walking on steep, loose, and you ’ ll pay for that location! The UTMB course, so make sure you have some good socks thank u very much for! However, for what it provides a natural high that can be in the.... Easy access to water for cooking and washing up and make sure you pack them we recommend using multi-port! Walking on steep, loose, and relatively little rain private room while still enjoying all ambiance. Starts off at the Matterhorn, your final destination on the Walker s! Can be lovely, quiet Turtmanntal valley and to the incredible Moiry glacier either Swiss Francs ( CHF or! Places in Switzerland will accept Euros, you ’ ll find two small stores! Using a multi-port USB adapter, as it was quite populated trail is 213km / 132mi camp near Niklaus. Route into one longer day ) a famous high Route from Chamonix to in! Two campgrounds section, you will start at Mont Blanc and finish the! Best hikes, the Walker ’ s Haute Route, a tourist office, and rocky terrain Blanc happening. Hike to make sure to stock up before leaving Chamonix or Argentiere you could wild! Potential hotspots or wearing toesocks, toilets and have supermarkets/restaurants nearby this allowed us hike!

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